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Old 05-13-2015
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IMO, online requirement to play a single player game. No. Just no.... Nope. Nope. Nope.

Reminds me of an incident when I bought L4D & L4D2 for $70 off steam. It may be different now, but I'm not going to try it again... I had a severe internet outage and lost my ability to play single player. After a number of days I did get service back and opened up a ticket with Steam support. After some back and forth, if your internet connection is gone for more than 7 days, steam cannot validate you license, thus you cannot play. Contrary to popular belief, "Offline" mode still maintains a connection to Steam servers, but shows you as "offline" to your friends. I was told this is by design and they didn't foresee any changes to any kind of single player mode. Not long after that my internet went out again.

This is my #1 reason I don't live on Skynet err, 'The Cloud'. And then you become entirely reliant on your ISP, backbone providers, the company where the DRM service is located, their ISP, their power, all while being precariously suspended by the weakest link in any of those systems. You can have some big phat chain links made of titanium, but when your work & play ability gets broken by a pole amplifier it stops work & play. My roommate actually "moved out" for the duration because he was geeking out at the loss of the internet while I could still listen to music, watch movies, play games and do programming without the internet. Which reminds me of another equally sad story (for another time).

Between 2 months, my internet was down nearly 30 days. After replacing the line drop, my ISP blaming it on poor building wiring. The first tech 'fixed' it and it worked for 2 days and was so slow it was getting blown out of the way by sloths. It took them another week and a half to get a crew out to fix my service. It ended up being a problem on the pole with the line amplifier which dumped so much noise, they were surprised my modem even had a block sync at any point. They were prepared to write me a $300 bill for the repair until I told them to 'eat it' because it was their equipment on their pole. Its not my responsibility per the repair agreement.

It was funny when the one tech started going on a tangent how the building wiring is terrible because of hidden splitters, splices, poor screw on connectors, etc. Told him to look at my wiring again. I wired it, using the same stuff you guys use for line drops, and we run this cable in million dollar homes using the correct weatherproof compression connectors. Residential, commercial & industrial electrician for 10 years, I know how to run wire pal, and inside walls not through holes. He toned out, and measured the 2 dedicated cables, and found them in impeccable condition. "Its not your wiring". He avoided me the rest of the job. They had 4 guys and 2 trucks, and I definitely left a note to the supervisor. In the service industry you don't go blaming something without measuring it. It makes you and your company look like trash and very unprofessional.

I'll shut up now.
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Old 06-24-2015
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Three years later and I still haven't bought it. I have contemplated buying it for console, but I am not sure I want to give Blizzard my money.
"There is no way you can be Harvard Monday through Friday, and try to be Alabama on Saturday" -Art Guepe former University of Virginia head football coach
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