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Old 09-08-2008
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Default Great new house - bad power. UPS?

We just moved into a new house out in the middle of nowhere. The AC voltage is constantly bouncing around. The whole house flickers like a haunted house ride at Disney. the fluctuations are mostly between 105 volts and 125 volts -enough to see, but not enough for my SmartUPS to do AVR.

it seems like this would have to be bad for my gear. I have a DLP tv, a Plasma TV, and an LCD tv in addition to all my computer gear. I also have a lot of stereo gear including some vintage stuff that I use daily and would like to keep using forever.

My first question is: Is this likely to cause problems? It seems to me that my more modern SMPS powered gear should be more tolerant than my older transformer/rectifier powered stuff. Maybe I've got it backwards.

Are there any devices that would regulate the output power without needing an online UPS? I would need to buy a dozen or so of these things so I would need them to be inexpensive (preferably $200 or less), but also of high quality.

Are there any particular units I should look for in the used market that I could replace batteries in? I have always been a fan of APC and the SmartUPS series, but the fluctuations don't seem to be enough to cause the one I have to do AVR.

Should I not worry about it?
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Old 09-08-2008
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All of your high end TV's have APFC that is regulating that slightly regulating voltage. If your computer PSU has APFC as well, you're good there too.
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