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Old 07-29-2013
Ridillz Ridillz is offline
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Unhappy PSU problem


I recently upgraded (upgraded?) my PSU from a Corsair 650W unit to an OCZ 1000w fatal1ty. With the new unit my PC would shut off then back on immediately during CPU intensive games, returning to the 650w unit completely fixed the issue. I contacted OCZ and RMA the unit, eating a $30 shipping cost. OCZ sent me a new unit, which I installed only to run into the same issue! Surely I'm not so unlucky as to receive 2 lemons back to back.

Is it possible the problem is in my home wiring? That the bump from 650-1000w is triggering?

System specs are as follows:

i-5 2500k@ 4ghz
8g Corsair vengeance RAM
ASUS p8p67 PRO (rev3) mobo
MSI NGTX680 Lightning typically @ 1241mhz under load
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Old 07-29-2013
cypherpunks cypherpunks is offline
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Originally Posted by Ridillz View Post
Is it possible the problem is in my home wiring? That the bump from 650-1000w is triggering?
No. That system should require about 400W running Furmark overclocked to 1400 MHz. Source; note this measured 480W at the wall, which is 384W output at 80% efficiency

A power supply's rating is just a maximum; bigger power supplies draw slightly more power at idle, but underload, the output power and efficiency dominates. And the OCZ is 80plus gold, meaning it should be running 90% efficiency at half load (which is close enough to the 40% you're operating it at). So 444W from the wall.

This might actually be *less* than the Corsair, as I don't know the exact model. (TX650 is Bronze, so will draw slightly more from the wall; HX650 & AX640 are Gold, and will draw the same.)

The Fatal1ty is single rail, so you can't be saturating a rail, and there's no way you're approaching its overall rating.

Have you checked your BIOS temperature limits? It's a long shot, but if you're barely touching some "emergency shutdown" temperature limit, but the Corsair is slower responding to the resultant glitch on the PS_ON# line...?

A quick workaround for this (for testing) would be to power on your computer using the paperclip trick (short green wire on main ATX connector to any black wire using an unfolded paper clip stuck in the back) and see if the problem goes away. If it does, the MB was requesting the shutdown (and the paperclip has removed its ability to do so). If it doesn't, the PSU itself is deciding.

The other question is whether you have particularly ratty power, and the OCZ is more sensitive to supply glitches? You'd think a higher-rated PSU would have bigger primary capacitors and so be more tolerant of supply glitches, but i dunno...

Failing that, I'd talk to OCZ and say that you'd really like to debug it rather than just returning it and losing trust in OCZ's power supplies.
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Ridillz (07-29-2013)
Old 07-29-2013
Ridillz Ridillz is offline
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I'm starting to wonder about my power in general. My home is roughly 20 years old now and was one of the original homes (speck house) in my subdivision. After installing tile floors and new ceiling insulation it's clear that SEVERAL corners were cut in its construction. So I have no reason to believe that the electrician didn't cut corners either. I also have an Onkyo amp driving my stereo system that will randomly cut off (3-4 times a year, with frequent use).

For additional info I have my stereo, television, modem, router, PC, monitor, PC speakers all running off the electrical supply to this one room. Not always at the same time.

As for my mobo overheating, how would I check that after the fact. My system is in a HAF-X and case temps rarely exceed 25c

And the Corsair unit isn't just a little bit more stable, but rock solid. I have been playing the FFXIV RR beta and it would shut down my system under the previous OCZ in under 5 min. The Corsair ran the game continuously for an entire weekend

StarCraft II also seems to trigger shutdown.
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ocz, problem, psu

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