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Testing Methodology Discussion Questions and comments regarding the testing methodologies used on

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Old 09-25-2012
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Default Sound level

I do the psu reviews for the German site I might do the psu reviews for another, well known German site soon.

So it's time to think about improving my test equipment. I will still use the chroma equipment of a psu company, so that's not the problem for now. But Germans are very noise-sensitive. And the Chroma is very loud.

Now, I build all the PSUs in my own PC. I've got an HD 4870 and two HD 4870X2, so I can use from 130 up to 980 watt (@wall, 80plus Gold PSU). With an xilence ATX tester an an old drive I can test 15 watt, too. I measure the rpms via reflector mark and the sound level with an cheap Voltcraft SL100. I stop all fans for the sound level measurement, off course. There are still two harddisks, but the world isn't perfect.
I can't continue this way because it's my only pc and I'd like to sometimes an update. And changing my system every time isn't a good idea.

So what to do now?
1) I could measure the rpms during Chroma testing. Back at home I could connect the fan of the PSU to an fan control device. I choose the same fan speed and do my sound level.
Problem: All electronic noise (coil whine) wouldn't be in the report.

2) I get some new parts and build a special test system. I would use an SSD, so the system would be close to loudless when fans off.
The big advantage: All coil whine will be taken into account. I can get the graphics cards that produce coil whin in the psus.
Disadvantage: I still can only compare in some special scenarios.

I could do the rpms at this test system or at the Chroma or both.

I have to talk to the editor of my new site and present my ideas. So it's a good idea to prepare my "christmas wish list". The SL100 is a very basic tool. Is an upgrade useful?
Any advice, hints, comments?
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Old 10-09-2012
Philipus II Philipus II is offline
PSU Editor Games Hardware
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no comments?
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Old 05-18-2013
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You might PM Tator Tot. Perhaps he will have an idea.
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