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Testing Methodology Discussion Questions and comments regarding the testing methodologies used on

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Old 03-26-2013
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Default 2013 Photography Upgrade Thread

Thought I would start out Mr. Fuji's retirement party with a special thread. As many of you might have seen in the Rosewill Tachyon review thread, I've chosen this year to start getting a little more serious with the review images. This includes upgrades to both lighting and camera gear. The Fuji S700 is getting a little old, and it's never been that great of a camera due to lens distortion issues. Last year, the pop up flash broke and I figured the writing is probably on the wall for him.

Started things off yesterday by picking up some of the new lighting gear. I'm not rich, so I picked up two 500W halogen work lights for $11 each. At that price, I almost bought two more. I wanted them on stands, but for the money they cost I figured I'll just MacGyver something.

Most of my money's going into the new camera, which will be the Nikon D7000. If something happens and I can't afford it anymore I'll go down to the D5100 instead. The lens purchase will follow... still undecided on that. I've got it narrowed down to a Nikon 50mm 1.8D with a set of extension tubes or a Nikon 40mm Micro.

Other various plans include moving the photography table out of my office into the home theater where there is more space. Lighting was terrible there, which is why I never did it before, but the new work lights should take care of that. Especially if I go back and get more of them. Also planning a light tent purchase at some point after the camera and lens purchases have been made.

This will likely end up being the single most expensive upgrade to my review methodology since I started working here at Be sure to tell everyone who will listen to come and read our reviews... more traffic is always nice and helps us pay the bills

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