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Old 02-04-2013
Stefan Payne Stefan Payne is online now
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Default What does the IEC 60950-1 do?

I've read on Computerbase (WARNING: GERMAN!) that apple stopps the Mac Pro because it's not compliant to the newest IEC-60950-1 standard.

But what does this do??
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Old 02-04-2013
cypherpunks cypherpunks is offline
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Default "Safety of Information Technology Equipment"

Here's the UL version of the standard itself if you want more details. (This is the old version, which the Mac Pro does meet.) The title is Safety of Information Technology Equipment. Or, more casually, "how not to electrocute anyone or start fires while pushing buttons".

Apparently, the standard got revised and Apple's stuff cares about the difference. Reading between the lines a bit, some clearance distance got increased slightly and the old Mac Pro design is right on the edge.
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