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Old 12-13-2012
solidbarton solidbarton is offline
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Default Is my underpowered PSU to blame?

Hello all,

Before I present my issue, here is my rig:

PII X4 BE 3.6 OC'ed to 4.0, 1.400v
GTX 560ti 448 Core
4x2GB DDR3 1333 1.6v
WD Black 1TB HDD
Vertex 2 SSD
Sound Blaster PCI card
Aftermarket Heatsink/Fan for processor
5 LED case fans

Old PSU: Antec 650w [...] 6817371015
Test PSU: Thermaltake 850w [...] 6817153158

I've recently gotten back into playing BF3, I think I remember why I stopped a while ago. On somewhat frequent occurrences, my computer would simply crash and force me to restart when I was playing BF3. It would happen only after I'd been playing for at least 20 mins, but it would only be when I was playing BF3. I wouldn't have too much else open, Skype for chatting and maybe Chrome, but that's about it.

Gfx load during BF3 is ~90%-99%.

So, I went out and purchased a Thermaltake 850w to swap out from my old Antec 650w, and for the two days of pretty solid BF3 playing, I haven't had it crash yet.

My question to my fellow hardware-ers, would it be possible that my old Antec 650w simply can't keep up steady power to my rig?

Thanks in advance!
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