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Old 03-19-2012
heinz357 heinz357 is offline
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Default Hi! ...strange issue with an Antec!

Hi, first off, new member, so Hi!

I was advised to visit here by a very nice gent on another forum, after posting about an issue I'm having with availability of modular cables for an Antec Neo Eco 620W Modular Power Supply.

This PSU is semi modular, the idea being that it comes with enough cables and connectors to run a simple system, and as the system grows, modular cables can be added at a later date.

The PSU is sold exclusively through Scan, but they are unable to source the cable set for this unit themselves, so, I go to the Antec EU/UK web pages hoping to find a link to where the extra leads can be obtained, and nothing! Individual cables can be purchased, but none of the cables shown as either available, or out of stock are listed as suitable for this PSU.

Oddly, I used the search bar on Antecs own site to try and find a little more info on the model and cables, but it does'nt even show up in their product list!

So, I decided to go looking on the interweb for answers, and found quite a few postings in other forums, from people in the same boat as me, and saw that Antec had quite a broad range of solutions for the problem, ranging from sending out a complete set of cables to one customer, at Antecs own expense, to one poor guy having over 90 emails and correspondances more or less ignored, with still no resolution to the problem in hand!!

Very long story, abruptly curtailed, what on Earth do I do now that I need another PCI-E cable to go Crossfire??

Do I chase Antec, in the hope that I can get some sort of resolution from I try to find the pin out pattern of the PCI-E cable socket and try to find another manufacturers cable that shares the same pin out, or even have a go at trying to mod an existing cable to match the pin out on this PSU??

....and I cannot use a molex to PCI-E adapter, because I've already used all the existing connections on the power supply!

Any suggestions??
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Old 03-19-2012
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Call / Email Antec.
Rig Specs
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Old 03-19-2012
heinz357 heinz357 is offline
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Already sent a message to their Euro customer support guys, just waiting for a response!
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Old 03-20-2012
GI_Joe GI_Joe is offline
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Hi, I am from Antec
For those we typically don't provide spare cables, I want to change that in future. I doubt our UK sales people have spare cables, but try to email the for this. In a couple of months we will have (hopefully) spare retail cables available as regular items.
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