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Old 02-16-2012
cineo cineo is offline
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Default noob here, looking for a solution!

Hello all! Names Chris.. here is my poblem. But before I do I must say that I cannot disclose what the device is called or what its going to be used for.. ok here it goes... My power source ranges from 4v to 12v, I need to power a light source... In between the power source and light source i need a dial to regulate the volts that get to the light.. so if my power source is say 6v I need the dial to be able to turn down the volts to say the lowest setting which will be 4v which will dim my light... Can anyone help?
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Old 02-18-2012
allikat allikat is offline
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The easy way is a variable resistor. The high tech way would involve VRMs or pulsing the LED to provide a dimmer light.
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Old 02-18-2012
Shadowww Shadowww is offline
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Is light a LED or incan light?

LED: you'll need a LED driver with PWM support. - these guys for example have some nice drivers, which go up to 6 amps (enough to drive a Luminus SST-90 or something like that)

Incan: any DC-DC step-down converter will do (make sure it's output current capability doesn't exceeds your needs).
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