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Old 11-05-2011
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Default New Seasonic PSU & SLI Concern

Hello everyone, new here and Im not sure this is the appropriate place to ask this question, but I thought it was best suited.

Long story short:
--- Seasonic x750 ---
Will this be good enough for GTX 570 Superclocked in SLI?
The rest of the build will be a i7 2600 or 2700K at around 4.5Ghz OC, 3 WD Black HDs, 2 SSDs, BluRay Burner, and a X-Fi Titanium HD sound card, All in a 600T case

I have tried searching for a answer but end up right back where I started. Everything from, sure it will be fine to NO, at least 850W is needed.
And some saying its OK so long as nothing is OCd....

The Long Version:

I am in still in the process of building the new PC.
Basically, I already have everything except the Motherboard and CPU, which Ill be ordering soon.

The original plan was to use the eVGA P67 SLI motherboard & i7 2700k, with my current eVGA GTX 570 Superclocked GPU.

But, I am now considering the eVGA P67 FTW K2 with the 2700K, and grabbing a second GTX 570 Superclocked to run SLI.

The problem is, I now already have the case, power supply, as well as everything else here, and am unsure if it will actually be enough power if I do go with the bigger motherboard and a SLI config.

Im also not sure if it would even be worth the effort to try and exchange for something else by the time shipping costs etc are added.

Any advice appreciated.
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