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Old 02-11-2010
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Default New Review Coming Sunday... or Monday... or Tuesday

I figured I'd better post something in here to update everyone on the situation with the reviews.

Basically, review samples have been going up on the front page faster than I've been getting them in. Lots of them are or have been held up in customs. That said, I do have one I'm getting ready for the next few days. Or hope to be. It's a 1kW unit of secret identity.

The reason I don't know when exactly it will be up is because my car had a major breakdown this week on the way back from Saskatoon. It blew a fuel pump, and is stuck some 300km from home. It has some of my desoldering tools in the trunk. I plan to go get it ASAP, but I have to wait for the dealer it's at to get a pump in and then I'll go up there and change it myself.

What really grinds my gears is this dead fuel pump was brand new in October and has less than 2500kms on it. Oh, lovely - the receipt is nowhere to be found. Fiddle-dee-dee, looks like I get to borrow more money. In less than a year, I am now facing some $600 worth of new fuel pumps. Haven't even gotten the last pump paid off yet. If the Imperial wasn't so rare, I'd be saying goodbye to it right now.

So, that's where things are at right now. If I can get this review up by Sunday, I will. If not, it'll be along soon enough.
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Old 02-11-2010
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Thanks for the update. Today I was going through some old power supplies in my basement and I found a "Channel Well Technology" 235W ATX unit. Cool. I've never seen an original branded one before. I think I'll crack it open one of these days.
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