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Electronic Theory and Principle Discussion of electrical theory, law, etc.

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Old 10-26-2009
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Originally Posted by RagingDragon View Post
The local transmission lines in my area are insulated. I imagine the 500KV lines are uninsulated, because at those voltages insulation light enough for the wires to support wouldn't make a significant difference, while insulation that would make a difference would be *far* too heavy for the wires to support.
Correct. The "big ones" are not insulated.
Yes. One of the last commincations I had with Dave Hammock before he disappeared from the web was how a major brand single +12V rail PSU wasn't shutting down when shorted. We were literally arc welding with the PSU. Hopefully Dave's absense isn't due to the fact that he got over zealous with the welding.
JonnyGURU Posted 4-1-08
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