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Old 11-21-2017
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Default CD burning cooldown


I was burning some CDs and got curious if there's a cooldown period after burning CDs for optimal drive/laser life longevity. Maybe I'm just beating the bush, but can't get out of my curiosity.

For example if I had to burn(write data on blank cds, before anyone pulls out a blowtorch) a stack of 10 or more CDs, how long should I wait between burning each CD?

Tried googling it, but couldnt find any info on that(maybe not trying hard enough). Hopefully a hardware expert will answer. Cheers!
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Old 11-21-2017
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None that I'm aware of. The laser is going to outlast the drive regardless. Some of the DVD burners I've used had to be tossed when the the motor wore out or rubber membrane part of the drive that holds the disk steady began to break down and degrade. Either way the result was the same, disc errors, lots of racket, and too much trouble to fix versus swapping out for another.
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Old 11-22-2017
mariush mariush is offline
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Just leave the tray open for around 10-20s after burning a disc. That should be enough to cool the laser and internals between two disc burns.

And it's 2017, still burning CDs? I can only imagine using it if you have some old car that only takes audio CDs or CDs with mp3 songs on it.

A DVD writer is 15$ / 12 euro ... for example :

And for old systems, there's external dvd writers which connect to usb 2.0 or higher ports so they'll work even on old computers that don't have sata but have usb (or you can shove a usb controller card in them, as it's probably more reliable than ide to sata adapters)

Here's some examples:
20 Uk pounds Asus ZenDrive
22 Uk pounds LG GP57EW40
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Old 11-24-2017
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I've managed to kill two HL-DT-ST DVD burners by burning more than about 5 DVD+Rs in a row. They would burn fine up until about disc 7 or 8, then fail mid-burn with a "track following error" and no longer read or burn any DVDs at all. I also have a "combo drive" (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) here, also from HL-DT-ST, that stopped reading DVDs at some point but still reads and writes CDs fine.

On the other hand, I've burned about 90 CD-RWs almost non-stop on a Lite-On iHAS324 before with no issues, as well as about 10 CD-RWs in a row on a random TSST DVD burner. Both of those drives survived that.
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burning, cd-rom, dvd

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