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Old 09-21-2017
PontiacGTX PontiacGTX is offline
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I was thinking if I really need an AVR I mean the one I have been using on my PC in the living room has almost most of the time regulated voltage to 115v and the other half or third part of the time has 120v and when the refrigerator turn on from the stand by mode the lights dims for that small fraction of time that the refirgerator turns on and then regulator changes voltage

So I wonder if it a good idea to put another regulator(APC Line R 1200LE) that will do the same work and will pull more amperage thru the wall

would it be a good idea to just use something like this and let the PSU regulate the voltage drops? sometimes but there were times when voltage dropped to the oint lights dim to some seconds would a surge protector protect against drops or only high spikes of voltage?
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Old 09-21-2017
sblantipodi sblantipodi is offline
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Originally Posted by PontiacGTX View Post
Just checking other other options is this worth considering to get?

it is a 1500VA/900W btu ym psu is 1300w
I had a similar 1500VA/865W from APC (BR1500GI), those UPS can't handle 100% load without shutting down.
With a wattmeter I measured that 800W was sufficient to make my APC shutdown even if it's rated for 865W.

Probably because my PSU want a little bit more energy when it switch on battery.
PSUs sucks up a bit more when they switch on battery, the transfer time creates this.

So if your load is of about 800W, that cyberpower will probably not handle the full load. Considering the bigger brother could be a longer term investment.
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