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Old 08-01-2017
armadillo armadillo is offline
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Default HX750i ntc thermistor value?

Hi, not sure if this should be in psu discussion or here, as it's a bit of both I guess.

Anyway. Got a Corsair hx750i here, out of warranty (was already an rma replacement, well out of warranty), ntc thermistor failed (the inrush protection one). Had cracks running through it and a chunk of it missing.

Removed it hoping the markings would still be visable, but it pretty much crumbled to pieces.

So yeah, anyone know the value of it/suitable replacement. Seems a shame to scrap such a supply, for such a small issue.

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Old 08-02-2017
VitorOpressor VitorOpressor is offline
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It does not have to be a specific thermistor model. You can use the same thermistor model from another equal or higher power source.
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