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For Sale/Trade We all have stuff to sell! Give it a shot here!

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Old 04-29-2017
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Default Samsung ceramic multilayer capacitors 27 different p/n

Hello everyone,

We want to sell our surplus Samsung capacitors.
In the list below you can find the product number, followed by the amount of capacitors available.
We are offering them for $35 per reel (including shipping costs, from Thailand). The capacitors are unused and in their original reels (2.000 pieces per reel).

CL05A105KQ5NNNC 180.000
CL05A225MQ5NNNC 80.000
CL05A474KP5NNNC 10.000
CL05B103KB5NNNC 310.000
CL05B104KO5NNNC 500.000

CL10A105KP8NNNC 78.000
CL10A475KQ8NNNC 2.128
CL10B103KB8NNNC 33.125
CL10B104KO8NNNC 124.000
CL10B223KB8NNNC 4.300
CL10B224KO8NNNC 78.500

CL10C100DB8NNNC 15.500
CL10C101JB8NNNC 15.500
CL10C102JB8NNNC 74.000
CL10C151JB8NNNC 25.625
CL10C221JB8NNNC 6.174
CL10C470JB8NNNC 2.125

CL21A106KPFNNNE 4.000
CL21A475KPFNNNE 80.000
CL21B105KOFNNNE 14.000
CL21F475ZPFNNNE 11.500

CL31A106KOHNNNE 34.000
CL31B225KOHNNNE 58.000
CL31F226ZPHNNNE 1.501
CL32A106KAULNNE 87.750

Interested? Or just need a few capacitors, not the whole reel? Send us a pm.

Have a nice weekend!

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