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Old 03-27-2017
minus0 minus0 is offline
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Default "System" downloaded 27.9GB. Why? When?

Can anybody explain what happen? what is this sorcery?
I have Windows 10 Enterprise installed, i deactivated myself all the apps/telemetry/error reports/windows defender/windows updates/etc not to connect & deliver any information, before i even connect the system to the internet.
In the Settings --> Network & Internet --> Data Usage = 28.49GB [see images attached]

I admit that few days ago i started to mine bitcoins. I use BitMinter and Nicehash.
My computing power is very low, i am aware that i wont make any profit, i am aware that from 2013 people started to use ASIC machines since GPU+CPU mining became obsolete. So i am aware that the network line is used by these two mining applications, but does it say that SYSTEM downloaded-or-uploaded 27GB ?

I have disabled all these functions before i could connect the system to the web:
- Telemetry - OFF
- Location and Sensors - OFF
- Windows Defender - OFF
- Windows Updates - OFF
- Error Reporting - OFF
- System Restore - OFF
- System Backup - OFF
- Windows Firewall - OFF
- Allow Cortana - OFF
- Maps - OFF
- OneDrive - OFF
- etc [i could continue]
I have Avast antivirus registered and up to date, i know it is not the best antivirus in the world, but it is fast, small and efficient. i have No viruses at all.
What do you think it might be the problem? i dont think i am infected with some kind of keylogger or other spyware, i have already checked.
ps: this Windows 10 Enterprise is very stable and fast. Both Cpu and Gpu are running in full 100% load since i do bitcoin mining non-stop, and i can open other programs and windows very easy. I was a Linux fan, and every day passing i move farther from Linux.

Anybody here with Windows 10 ? what data usage do you have? does it shows same to you? System= ### GB ?

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Old 12-15-2017
RoboDog RoboDog is offline
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Hi there,

it is probably Windoze updates and download and upload of the same. From my personal experience.
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