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Old 05-14-2015
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Default Windows 7. Disable Basic color scheme popup

I have a number of programs where they turn off aero by design, and Windows feels the need to constantly remind me and notifying me that "The color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 Basic". I know. Is there a way to turn off these darn notifications? I don't want to constantly see them and I don't want to cycle between aero and basic before/after running these programs.

* I've already tried "hiding" the icon that displays the notifications. No good.
* Googled the problem. Similar but unrelated. Mostly results from 12 year olds complaining that their old program doesn't work with their new 133t aero theme.
* Googled the problem. Lots of results of unrelated, even completely unrelated repairs. WTF does Honda brakes have to do with windows 7 aero? Oh, google found someone talking about Windows, and the number 7 in the same post and assumes its related to my query about windows 7. Ah, reminds me of the days of Win95, 98, XP & search engines from the 90s.
* Tried to hide the icon and notifications, but because I have "always show icons" checked, this is the ONLY one that insists on nagging.

Have registry editor, will travel.
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Old 05-15-2015
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Which are your current options for Advanced System Settings >> Performance >> Visual Effects (snapshot is preferred)?
Best, Luca
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