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Thread: OT: quick phone question.

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    Default OT: quick phone question.

    Looking around ebay, I saw this knock-off phone. I am on the T-Mobile MVNO Solavei, and while I have a T989 Galaxy S2 ($300 new @ Walmart), I would like to have a backup, just in case my phone dies, as I'm not under contract, so I am SOL if something outside of the spec of the manufacturers warranty happens.

    Looking at the specs, and forgiving the typos, it *looks* like this thing might work on T-Mobile, but I'm not sure, as I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to networks. Can anyone say yay or nay as to whether this will work on T-Mobile's US network?

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    A friend of mine bought a knock-off similar to that one. It actually had a resistive touchscreen (instead of the claimed capacitive), and it had a couple of dead zones on it. No matter what he tried, the digitizer wouldn't react in two areas right at the middle of the screen, which were around 6-7mm in diameter each, and around 1.5 cm apart. Needless to say, warranty was out of the question, and the phone was never removed from the box it came in, and it was clear that it wasn't used.

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