Howdy! I may be a computer enthusiast but I am by far from an electrical engineer, so I need some knowledgeable information. Is there something wrong with this unit, is it just cheap manufacturing, or is this unit actually unsafe for use? I need some professional advice as I do not want to sell anything defective or dangerous. If it is bad I'll just junk it for parts.

Had a rash of really hard to troubleshoot computer issues recently, and swapping parts wasn't helping so I began looking at the PSU. Swapping PSUs didn't help, but I did find this while investigating a very faint electrical noise.

One of the two main heatsinks has a great deal of voltage going across it, it would drop then quickly spike back up to -65 volts every second and then repeat. The second heatsink only gives readings in the millivolts scale.

Before removing the PSU I did first check many connectors to verify the rail voltages were in line and did not observe anything unusual while the PC was under load condition.

Since I can't get a thumbnail to work properly, here's a direct link