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Thread: AMD HD7970 @ TPU

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    Default AMD HD7970 @ TPU

    The wait is finally over, next-gen Radeon HD7970 just got released.

    What can I say... overclock capabilities are very good, power consumption is decent, and the performance... it could be better, but I'm sure it'll improve when drivers get polished. Still, 10% more (@Full HD) than GTX580 is something.
    It's a bit noisy, but non-reference design cards probably won't have that issue.

    Overall, it seems like a decent product. I had a bit higher hopes, but given that drivers aren't perfect yet, it's quite good.
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    Anand's review shows major improvements in GPGPU performance.

    This card is basically Fermi done right. WLIV had impressive peak numbers, but variable real world performance, GCN is solid all around.

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