My second Smart UPS 1500 passed to better life and i'm on the market for a new ups. I didnt go blindly to another of the same because the online uses a bit too much of power (which costs roughly 10 times more than in the US here) and I'm on an energy saver mood.
I did some research and unfortunately APC does not have a model that would meet my requirements this time.

The psu will be the Seasonic platinum 860, additionally 26" LCD (not led uses about 150W), modem, scanner, a radio-alarm, and a HDD docking station will be plugged.
My laser printer is plugged on a surge protector (not to the ups).

Energy quality is pretty good here, much better as it was when i bought the first UPS, blackouts are rare and lasts very short, over and under tension spikes happens like 2/month (as reported by the led on my old ups).
I want roughly the same wattage (1000W +-50), line interactive instead of double conversion and pure sinusoidal output. Compatibility with APFC PSUs is obviously a must (but all sinusoidal UPS should comply).
I consider only reputable brands which are easily available in EU.

The ETA is december, at the same time i'll buy the new psu.
The candidates are the following:
-Eaton Evolution 1550 (1100W) (ex MGA)
-HP T1500 G3 (950W) (= Eaton 5115 1400 but in black which fits better with the room)
The first is newer, has higher PF but has only 4 output plugs.
The latter is about 80€ cheaper, smaller size, but possibly HP chose a noisier fan (it's stated 45db on HP spec sheet and 40db on Eaton one).

Among other reputable brands I havent found anything that was cheaper or better than the above.

NB: Noise when not battery powered is an issue, <<40dB 1m. The newer smart ups with lcd panels are sensibly noisier than the older ones like mine.