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to each their own. For my time and money...
Well for me, I had the cap already. So all it cost me was the time to take the cover off, remove 3 screw's to pull out the board, and R&R the bad cap.

I've spent about the same amount of time to make two post's on this forum. lol

Even if you replaced all the capxon caps I would think it would still be under $10.

If you have to pay some one labor to do the repair, then yes I agree not worth having it repaired. But if you have a screw driver and soldering iron, you really don't have much to loose.

I got this one used for $30 for a budget build (about a year ago), and I see microcenter has them refurbished for $31.
I wouldn't hesitate to get another for that price. Run's my son's old GTX260 great, when it doesn't have a bad cap in it.

I'd even offer to pay for shipping if some one want's to throw there's away.