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Thread: Building a SMPS looking for learning help..

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    Default Building a SMPS looking for learning help..

    EDIT: I cant seem to get the image in a readable format after posting, so here is a link to the original..

    I have made little linear PSs and recapped many things. Also built a Tube headphone amplifier (by kit) so I have some electronic knowledge and soldering skills (even SMD)

    However this is a new bigger pond for me and I cant seem to get my head wrapped around it.. I have requirements and a I have found a schematic that I'm trying to reverse engineer to suite my needs.. If anyone can help get me rolling or, I hate so say it hold my hand till I can get the logic and reason under my belt I would appreciate it.. I have posted on Badcaps with a related thread but I started it when I had less knowledge than i have now (well a weeks worth of reading and looking a products)

    120Vac Mains
    13.8Vdc out
    would like up to about 80amps (so little over 1KW)
    Running Ham Radio equipment, Hobby chargers, other 12v bench equipment.

    I'm attaching a schematic I found not sure if this violates any posting/copyright stuff so I can remove it if needed later. I also have a BOM for the schematic too, which i realize would have to be change a lot.

    If you guys think i'm going about this the wrong way please smack me and say go this way silly

    I have a bunch of old HP server powersupplies I can harvest diodes, heatsinks, rectifiers and such from, or I can do all new comps too.. They are all DL380 G2,G3,G4 supplies.


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