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hmm well since my Desktop won't be Stationary, maybe I should possibly re-think my Case, I wouldn't want to damage my SSD or HDDs :^[. Also too I was hoping that the fans inside wouldn't be noticeable while keeping the case relatively cool, but if you can hear the noise and such, then im not too sure, especially if the case rattles some of the panels.
We understand the concern about the HDD mounts, which is why we made it so easy to remove the "bungee" cords. We strongly recommend that if you are to move the LBA to go to a LAN event or for any other reason that you remove your hard drives first to prevent them from moving around.

Personally, I do this any time I'm moving any machine. I remove my hard drives (except for my SSD) and my graphics cards - there have been way too many instances of me getting to a LAN event and having issues with booting up.

Keep the feedback coming guys.