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Thread: Zalman ZM-PCM1 and ZM-VPM1

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    Default Zalman ZM-PCM1 and ZM-VPM1

    First of all, I wasn't sure which subforum fits this topic best, so if I misjudged, please move it for me.

    Some of you may have heard of Zalman's new gadgets, one is a CPU power consumption meter, and the other one is a VGA power consumption meter. What I'd like your opinion on is, what do you think we can expect from these things? What level of accuracy and how good is the method employed? Does anyone recognize what the advertised IC is?

    Any other relevant thoughts (and a few stray ones) are welcome
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    Stray thought: "Highly credible IC provides Minimum margin of error." made me giggle

    Can't really see what kind of IC they're using exactly. My guess is that it'll be about as accurate as a $5, uncalibrated DM, e.g. 5-10% error margin.

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