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Thread: Crossfire AMD 6850 & 6870 benchmarks?

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    Default Crossfire AMD 6850 & 6870 benchmarks?

    I read a recent article in Maximum PC that stated "We didn't run in depth CrossFire benchmarks, but the performance scaling we've seen is impressive-we're talking a very close 2X performance boost running two cards in CrossFire mode. That's considerably better than what we've seen running any two 5800-series cards".

    I'm curious if anyone has seen CrossFire benchmarks. Sounds like the newer architecture on these cards are allowing them to be more efficient than running any other two cards prior to it. I'd like to see how it stacks up against other ATI crossfire cards and even up against two Nvida SLI cards.
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    Ultimately, it's down to how well the drivers are written and how friendly the specific application is to multi-GPU setups... And then there's the micro-stutter that some people are able to see (and be annoyed to hell by)... If you can get over those two things, then multi-GPU with mid-range cards is usually better, money-vs-performance-wise, than a powerful single GPU solution.
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