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Thread: So what's the difference really?

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    you either got a Voodoo II or the Riva TnT which had twice the memory but failed to outperform the 16Mb Voodoo
    That didn't change that much. You pretty much still can get 1 or 2GB DDR2 versions of low end cards that get trounced by GDDR3 variants of the very same card!.

    What about the HD6850. As far as I understand it's considered the red-haired stepchild of the family and gets mixed reviews?
    About comparable to GTX 460 1GB, but with lower power draw, only a bit higher than 5770.

    6870 is close to GTX 470, except, again, lower power draw, closer to 5850.

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    Don't bother with a factory clocked version if you intend playing with the clocks, unless it has a lot of extra features to play with voltages and a really good cooler, then all you do is gain base clock, and end up with less clocking headroom. They also cost much more than stock cards.
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