Very nice Load Tester. If you're possibly considering a bigger box, maybe an Antec 1200 with the giant fan on top and all the fans in front? The modular drive cages with an attached fan might be just the thing for cooling your load with maybe a bit less noise.

That's a particularly nice job on the software. That looks like you know your way around programming and getting the interface going. You do something like that for a living, right? If you don't you probably could.

Now all you have to do is find some PSUs to test!

With a monster like that, be sure that you have permission to let the magic smoke out before testing anything for anyone. Nothing will wreck friendships faster than a badly placed "Bang". Well, OK, Lots of stuff can do that equally fast.

Make absolutely certain the owner of any PSU being tested understands the risk.

Have Fun,

I can't say much for trying to interest computer shops in load testing PSUs.
I tried this without success. No one seems interested in testing anything. Not even discarded PSUs.
Admittedly, I only asked around at two places so far.
Not an Oscilloscope in sight but plenty of low-budget junk in stock that makes Diablotek look great.

Logic would indicate that inferior parts and poor testing methodology = high failure rate = poor reputation = out of business.

But they persist. How? Why? Some of the ones I've met wouldn't know Ripple from Yogurt. How can people not see technical cluelessness?