The subject of workstation vs gaming cards gets a lot of discussion, but I can't seem to find the answer to this question:

Is is feasible to mod a quadro/fireGL to work like a GeForce/Radeon? Assuming stupid amounts of money, can (e.g.) a quad-SLI quadro setup on a workstation mobo with 4 16x PCIe slots be made to outperform the equivalent GeForce rig?

Things to take into account:

* Workstation cards are typically available with several times the RAM of a gaming card. (Up to 4GB.) This means gaming with AA and AF an multi-screen resolutions won't hit memory limitations.

* It seems to be possible to mod a GeForce into a Quadro (although the posts about this are old). Is it possible to mod back the other way? i.e. Mod a Quadro into a GeForce? Will this get me DX11 support (rather than just DX10).

* Workstation graphics cards are typically underclocked, compared to gaming cards, but if the chips are the same, can't this just be dealt with by overclocking? Or are they locked to particular core freq?

* The super accurate, sub-pixel rendering available only on professional cards ought to give a better quality picture, for the same detail settings. Is this the case in reality?

Basically, if you were to go all out, no holds barred, for best possible gaming performance and huge res, the serious, professional cards ought to have more raw power. The question is, can you get at it for gaming purposes?