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Thread: Crossfire / PSU Upgrades!

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    Default Crossfire / PSU Upgrades!

    Got my Modu87+ (The reviewed one from here!) installed and can now run my xfire setup! They were right about the fan on the PSU. It looks more yellow on the screen but it is in fact shiny gold. I could put that on a cadillac's rims for spinners, lol.

    Without overclocking the video cards (stock) but running 4 cores @ 3.4ghz I got the following:

    12695 -
    old 8788

    17945 -
    old 14584

    I didnt turn off any background apps/services, just a quick run. Im sure I can get higher scores but dont really care as much about that anymore.

    I need to find a fan profile editor for the one card since it wont rev up to full speed during 3d and hits 89c. But, when I set it to manual 100% it didnt go over 75c. The other card is on the bottom and gets plenty of air.

    Now I cant wait for Bad Company 2 to come out!
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    ASRock M3A790GXH/128M
    Enermax Modu87+ 700W
    AMD X3 720 BE Unlocked X4 @ 3.4ghz 1.410v
    4GB OCZ Special Ops Urban Elite DDR3
    Crossfire 2 X HD 4850
    CoolerMaster Gemini II S 27c/38c
    640GB WD

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