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Thread: Planning to buy a PSU testing device...

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    Question Planning to buy a PSU testing device...

    Hello guys, greetings,

    I'm looking for to buy a PSU testing device, like a SM-268 or FA-4200, to be used in website and magazine reviews. I did some research over internet, but I'm frustated with all Chinese websites and lack of information.

    What I'd like to ask is, are there any European distributors for that devices? Is importing from China the only way?

    Also, I'd like to hear your expert opinions regarding SM-268 vs FA-4200 or FA-4212. I know FA-4200 series are twice expensive, but the ability to use 4 +12V lines and especially the software attracts me.

    Best regards, Bombuzal...

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    Importing from China is probably the best way. Here, in the US, the US distributor of SunMoon wants double what I can get a unit for directly from China.

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