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Thread: BFG Power Supply Trade-up program....who has done it?

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    Default BFG Power Supply Trade-up program....who has done it?

    Concerning BFG's Trade-up program with their power supplies....who has taken advantage of it and how long has it taken to complete?

    Only wondering since I'm waiting for approval on the trade-in ps I sent in for trading up to a more powerful unit.....just wondering length of time I should wait before getting "anxious."
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    I think "officially" there is up to a 1 week turnaround from the time we receive your unit (and your payment goes through for the difference). In practice it all depends on how busy the guys are. I've seen same-day turnarounds, and I've seen 1 week turnarounds.

    I think the turnaround time right around now is going to be on the longer end.
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