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Thread: Is my PSU dead?

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    Looks like somehting with the +5V and/or 3,3V Rail was wrong like on the Everest review here.
    The Reason the newer system survived is may be that nothing of value is powered by the 3,3V or 5V rail.

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    If that's in reply to me, yep I have two points of failure for the antec, a blown cap near the +5v and 3V rail, but also a 10V cap near the transformers.
    I never saw the cause of the first antec, as I kept that sealed to send away for warranty.
    I've always believed to keeping the PC running 24/7 or unplugging it from the power, as it seems so many PSUs fail on the standby circuit being energized but having no cooling. Is that a wrong way of thinking, it seems logical the amount of +5V failures I've seen.

    The Tagan failed spectacularly, blown main cap and diode bridge by the way.

    If I can find appropriately small enough diameter caps (which has proved impossible so far), I intended to i) recap the the antec 450w ii) replace the main caps and diode bridge and recap the tagan 480w iii) recap the working tagan so it doesn't blow soon, iv) bring a dodgey gfx and mobo with swollen caps back to life.

    The main problem is OEMs used F-Us because they were in a smaller dia than most cap (as well as price), so it's impossible almost to recap when it just doesn't fit with larger replacements, but I'm working on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul_h View Post
    My antec was the cheap 450w ones that came with the sonata 2 case though, so maybe it's different. My brother bought the same case/psu and his stuffed up his mainboard too.

    I bought the sonata 2 + PSU combo for the case as I already had better larger PSUs. But I thought the SP450 would be decent enough to do the job of running a low demand older system. I used a better PSU in the sonata case for my new system.
    That's why it was only running a nforce 2 system when the antec PSU blew.
    That old system was completely destroyed, nothing worked after that PSU died, no mainboard, not ram, not cpu.
    Then after that I trusted the new antec as they came out with a longer warranty I thought they had improved it. And the fuhjyyu-ed tagan had blown as well.
    So I put the replacement antec in the replacement PC (as I had to replace mainboard , CPU and RAM after the first antec failure). A year later that PSU blew as well, everything tested fine except for RAM.
    SP450 is an OEM product from CWT, based on CWT's ISO-500 design which uses an inefficient obsolete topology(half-bridge using BJT as main switches), and also plagued by F-u caps. The lesson from them is that don't use inferior caps in a silent power supply.

    Most tragic 5VSB failures (like the one on Bestec ATX-250-12E) are because the standby circuit uses an RCC self-oscillating topology (mainly seen in cell phone adapters, obsolete on state-of-art PC power supplies due to tight ATX12V spec requirements), which might become unstable when some key components malfunction, such as a failing 'lytic cap. The standby power based on an IC controlled flyback circuit can fail too if some certain cap fails, but it either doesn't turn on or outputs excessive ripple(which isn't really a problem to digital components on mobo).

    A "lightweight" system isn't demanding a "large" power supply or an efficient (say 80Plus or EStar 5.0) power supply, but still a quality unit. Avoid units using this standby circuit, for its potential of failure and lack of juice.
    It's been a hard day's night and I've been working like a dog.

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