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Thread: PSU or Motherboard?

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    Default PSU or Motherboard?

    I have a problem I just can't figure out.

    When the power button is pushed nothing happens. This only happens when the computer has been shut off overnight and then rarely.

    I have tried the power button on the mother board, no start. Tried disconnecting the power botton wires and jumping the pins, no start. Unplugged the 24-pin connector and jumped the green wire to ground, power supply starts. When I reconnect the 24-pin the computer will start. The 24-pin appears to to seat properly. When the computer won't start wiggling the 24-pin makes no difference.

    Any body have any ideas on what I should check next and how to check it?

    Hiper 5?? watt PSU
    Biostar TF8400 Motherboard
    AMD 64 5400 BE CPU
    Phenom II X3 720 @ 3700mhz, Asus Crosshair II, 2x2GB G.Skill PI Black, EVGA GTX 260, Corsair VX550, Cooler Master NV690 case

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    Try a different PSU if you can.
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