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Thread: Can you help me with power supply cable tools?

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    Default Can you help me with power supply cable tools?

    The modular power supply I have, a 750 watt Seventeam, came missing, possibly from the manufacturer, one of the cables for 4 pin molex power. I was kindly given tons of cables from the seller so that I could see if any of them would work. None did as far as configuration of the pins @ the power supply plugin.

    I just bought a 4 tool kit for working on power supply cables and I can't figure out how to use them to get the wires out of the modular end of one of the spare cables so that I can swap modular ends to make a useable cable.

    One tool is like a needle, but thicker. Another is just like it but has two needles, one tool has tubes on both ends, and one tool has 4 teeth/pins on it. Which tool do I use, where and how do I insert it, or do I need some other tool than what came with this Sunbeamtech kit?

    Help, please!


    Nobody? I really need some help if at all possible. Isn't there someone here that has done mod work on their power supply cables? Jonny? Wolf? Someone?

    EDIT 2:

    Nevermind guys, I finally figured it out. The two prong tool goes in to the plug in side and sideways. I had tried this, but I didn't pull on the wires with the needed force, a LOT of force, I had to use a wrench. Part of the reason was that particular cable connector held the pins harder than other connectors.
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