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    Default New Computer Subwoofer

    Being somewhat bored this afternoon, I decided I finally wanted to do something about the very anemic bass response of my Sony SRS-300D computer speakers. Before today, I used headphones to get any kind of bass out of these things. Not anymore

    First, I took an old Sears speaker that's been sitting in the storage room a while. Bought it for $5 at an auction when I was a kid. Opened it up to find...

    What the... how did that get in there? Oh wait... uh... nevermind

    Trust me, it sounds unspeakably awful. Now, to show you what was to become the new subwoofer next to the above Sparkomatic. It's a Chrysler/Infinity 6x9" amplified speaker from a 1988 Dynasty:

    Snipped the tweeter wires (it's dead anyway) to said Chrysler/Infinity speaker, soldered two pairs of wires on for signal and power, and put the Sears speaker back together.

    Then I opened up the, ahem, "subwoofer" module of the Sony set:

    Soldered wires to the, ahem, "subwoofer" driver - yes, that is a 3.5" driver there:

    Put the module back together, shoved the Sears and its new powered Chrysler/Infinity woofer into a corner, connected everything, hooked up the amp power wires to my old CWT 235W PSU, and proceeded to have a listen.

    The question is, does it work? The answer is... I'll say. It doesn't sound real good, I had to EQ things drastically, but I'm actually able to hear bass now. A fair bit of it too for one 6x9" driver. I have a second one I'd like to use too, but no enclosure to put it in. For now, the Sony's "sub" driver is still connected, but I reserve the right to go in and unplug the little noisemaker at any time.

    And that's how I spent my birthday. Total cost, about $10 - half for the speaker, half for the salvage yard Chrysler/Infinity
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