Just wanted to post a quick note here because I've been forced to halt the reviews for the time being. The SM-268 is having issues that have mandated that I give it a rest for the time being while I locate new parts for it. Basically, it blew one of the twelve MOSFETs it uses to load the 12V rails. It's a heat related failure, so I'll be correcting that issue too with the help of an extra 3100 RPM 120mm fan I have here.

So, if the site ends up going a week or two without my wacky sense of humor, that's why. Don't worry - it's an easy fix and I should be cranking out the reviews again within about 10 minutes of getting the replacement MOSFET (NEC 2SK1500).

Meantime, I have one review sample I've completed load testing on... that will keep me occupied for a little while at least.