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Thread: Antec case review...critical.

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    Default Antec case review...critical.

    I was looking for a new case to downsize.

    Currently have a retired coolermaster centurion, my 1st proper case.

    Then I got a superb gigabyte aurora, but it was a little large.

    So I got...

    Antec sonata 3.


    Going back.

    1st impressions great....nice thick glossy packing, good foams.

    Pulled the thing out, nasty cheap flimsy plastic door, doesn't close properly.

    Crap manual, no diagrams, just poor text, few instructions, 2 out of 10 for that.

    No markings on the base inside to say which standoffs go where, like even the basic coolermaster.

    This is a $140 case with integral psu.


    Reasonable paintwork.

    Chassis is thin, doens't feel substantial.

    So what's the famous quiet computing with this case?

    4 grommits on each hard drive case, that's all. period, eternal.

    what a pile of kak.

    then I tried to put the opticals in.

    struggled for 1/2 an hour, couldn't do it, had enough, its going back.

    Goto do better antec, 3 tries at this case now.

    unforgivable, if you are watching this, you should be ashamed.

    my coolermaster is far superior at half the price.

    not buying antec again.

    get a coolermaster, much much better, a joy to build with.

    apart from the psu which I know is dirt cheap, I would value this case at half the retail of the CM for quality.

    Its dreadful

    3 times antec, totally unforgivable.

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    Sorry man, Sonata 3 is a very good case. Indeed lack of instructions is a pain in the a**, but all we have brain and all we have to do is to use it.