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    Default Switch ratings

    I've been looking at allot of switches lately. Now i need a good quality switch that is able to handle about 20A running threw it at 12VDC. Now all switches have a current rating. Many say stuff like 6A at 120VAC. Others say 20A at 12VDC. Then there are those that just say 6A at 120V. Is it safe to assume that the 6A at 120V is the same as 20A at 12V? Seams like a dumb question but i need to get this straightened out. I'm just not sure if thos 120V are talking AC or DC or if it even matters if its AC or DC. My understanding is that a DC load is much harder on cantacts then an AC load is. If this is true then it matters allot if the voltage rateing is AC or DC.
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    No. The rating is an OR, not an AND. Current is current despite the voltage. If they meant for the rating to be AND, they would have rated it in watts.

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