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Thread: A couple of questions...

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    Default A couple of questions...

    Hello, I am interested in getting a power supply with room to grow.

    So I am looking for a low ripple and high efficiency at low loads as well as high loads and I was wondering what are the options around?, obviously the cheaper the better.

    I was pretty impressed with the Antec Truepower Quatro 850W as well as the Enermax Infinti 720W, though those are a bit too powerful. I was hoping there would be a Tier 2 power supply, but in the upper 500W to Mid 600 W range that is of similar capability.

    Are you guys getting the Enermax Infinti 650W in?, as I would love to see how that unit fares as well

    I am also looking for a minimum of 1 of 8 Pin PCI-E and 1 of 6 Pin PCI-E on the power supply.

    76% or higher at low load is acceptable efficiency. Though I would love this to be 80+ or better, low load meaning 100-150W.

    As well both the 750 and 850 Zeus had lower efficiency, at low loads, akin to the 850W Quatro, but that wasn't mention in the bad, did the policy change between the time the Zeus' were reviewed vs when the newer Quatro was?

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    Well, both Zeus 750W and 850W reviews were written over a year ago, and I'm sure I didn't put as much focus on efficiency. But you will see one of the comments I did make about the 750W and 850W is that it was "not as efficient as promised."

    As they compare to the Antec, the efficiency of the Zeus, outside of the crossload test, still isn't as bad as the Quattro at low loads.

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