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Thread: Failing voltage rail tests

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    Default Failing voltage rail tests

    I was wondering if it was possible for just a single voltage rail, say the 5v, could die while the others still worked?

    If so, other than just plugging in a different PSU to tes tthe theory is there a tool that I could use to find out? Something a bit more feature rich and robust than a simple atx psu tester that you plug your 20+4 pin connector into with 0 load. I was thinking something that could measure current running through the particular connectors/wires while the computer was running to both test for a dead rail and to see if a particular rail had been pushed to it's limit.

    The only thing is that it needs to be portable. Or would there be no conceivable advantage to having such a device?

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    Sure. Typically when this happens, or has happened to me rather, it's been blown secondary caps.

    But on the DC side each "rail" has it's own regulation. If something happened on the far output end of that, there's no reason the other rails wouldn't continue to work.

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