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Thread: confusion and agony- The PSU compunction- ive always wanted to use that word-:)

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    Talking confusion and agony- The PSU conundrum

    hello everyone, this is my first post, but before I start, I just want to say this forum/site is by far one of the most informative and useful sites I have ever come across, I know a bit about building computers, but have never been very technical, alot of times I have put components together according to price, and number of positive reviews. This time around I have really tried to sink my teeth in and make some really informed decisions. So for all intents and purposes I’m a noob, a young grass hopper 

    Jonny all thumbs up for all of this (site , forum, reviews, links etc.) and all the users at what ever level, noob, enthusiast, pseudo-expert and experts, I am also great full for the questions posed and answers replied. I have read extensively and now have a better understanding of what is required and all the different approaches to PSU (multi rail/single rail etc), including tolerance and ripple etc. I still feel a bit lost so I thought id post some questions.

    Wow, I just wanted to say well done- *cough* I will keep this short *cough* promise . I am trying to put together a workstation; I intend it to be a multipurpose workstation, so basically at core, has to be powerful to handle a wide range of operations. I intend to use it as an enthusiast level DAW (digital audio workstation), 3d box (I am only learning- so my demands aren't that demanding- errr! get what I mean!!!), video editing (again novice). I know its not practical, but I am not really dropping an insane amount of money on this, its more a tool to facilitate a super high learning curve i intend to go by. So I don't mind if it doesn't do everything to perfection, as long as it does most things very well.

    Now what the box will comprise off, I am looking to build with the following type of components (this list is a guide, only the motherboards and CPU are 85% sure). It’s intended to give an idea about the loads and demands the power unit will be put under , also factor in programs like Photoshop, 3d smax, Maya, video editing suites etc, the demands and subsequent stress on the different hardware components.

    The List

    Tyan s2696 (Intel 5000x dual socket xeon- sas version)


    Supermicro x7da3+

    2 Intel quad core-clovertown e5345s or other 5300 xeon

    8 GB FB-Dimm DDR2 667MHz ram

    PCI-E graphics card probably geforce 7900 series or 8800 series, maybe 2, if SLI is possible then in SLI.

    Fire Wire 800 pci-e, pci-x card

    PCI-E/PCI-X/Fire wire/USB 2.0 based DAC (Digital Audio Converter)/ Sound card

    Raid Controller card

    3-7 sata II 7200 rpm HDs between 400-750 GB

    2 150 GB Raptors 15000 rpm.

    Alphacool Water-cooling kit- CPU, GPU, Chipset (custom blocks to fit 771 sockets-still researching)

    Depending on water cooling possibilities- there maybe 3-8 low rpm 80-120 mm fans (Excluding water cooling Radiator fans).

    2 DVD-RW

    Video editing kits (usb/pci-e or Pci-x/ firewire Decoder card, breakout box etc)

    Now I have not provided specific models of the different parts, because this is going to be a slow build, I will acquire the parts one at a time over some months. I want a power supply that will fit the bill, the motherboard and psu have to be most stable and powerful, The PSU has to accommodate upgrades and future power demands, eg. geforce 8900, Future AMD-ATI cards, maybe even TECs (Thermo-Electric Cooler) if possible. I am contemplating the following PSUs. This build is meant to last until I am confident to use my new found skills and *cough*talent to generate income of some kind, so it will be a few years before I do a major overhaul.

    Silverstone Zeus 850,
    PCP&C silencer 750 quad
    Ultra X3 1000

    The Ultra x3 is the most bang for the buck according to reviews and specs etc. But it’s not available in UK yet, or I haven't found it yet on or off line.

    PCP&C silencer 750 quad is a good unit and probably the most obvious choice but the rating at 40c is of concern, as the FB-Dimms have a reputation of generating alot of heat, that with the heat of 2 Xeon quad core (possibly overclocked), I wonder if the silencer might reach its 40c tolerance and start to under perform.

    I also don't know if it has all the necessary connection for the motherboard, it has to be EPS12v/SSI, my understanding is it must have 24pin+8pin+4pin connectors- id prefer if these connectors are native- if it doesn't matter whether the connectors are native or not, please do tell. As far as I know it has all the connectors for native SLI/dual graphics card. And last but not least will 750w be enough power.

    The PCP&C TC 1KWSR seems to be the perfect choice it has all the necessary connectors native, it has a 50c rating, has ample power and amps, it supports SLI. The only thing I might wonder about is the noise, I have read that it can be loud, even humorously compared to a leaf blower; I doubt it’s anywhere near as loud as a leaf blower.

    My second concern is the price; here in the UK it is costs near £300 which is approximately $600- sounds kinda steep. And as I am sourcing my parts on the cheap- I mean really looking really hard for the best price/used and even gulp, refurbished parts-but refurb for things like DVD drives etc. I don't think the $600 price fits the bill, no pun intended.

    The Silverstone Zeus, pleased the gods of my computer build endeavor, Good price range, good power, seems to be good OEM, unfortunately, I am bugged by it being multiple rails, and not so much that fact in its self, but because it is 18A on the rails, I don't know if the PSU will be compromised under heavy loads. MY only bone of contention is the 18a rails.

    wow that was long, sorry I broke my promise, im a bad person , So to all the experts, pseudo experts, noobs and all in between, above and below, please recommend alternatives, let me know if my fears of the Zeus is unfounded, and if you know where I can get an ultra x3 in the UK please do tell.

    Ideally I'm looking for a single rail (unless multiple rail psu, won't falter under the possible and potential load my Frankenstein meets Leviathan of a build will inflict/ demand). A 750w and upwards, enough amps (mainly for multiple rails PSU), not too bothered about Modular, wont mind but not really a requirement, Not be a leaf blower if possible, but can live with it if it is, be efficient. And last but not least, something less than $600, significantly less.

    I know it is a tall order, but I do feel there is so much I still don't know, and so may not- correction- will not be able to spot a suitable PSU in the guise of an obscure brand or another brand period, like the CWT built thermal take or was it corsair etc.

    I hope I will have an overwhelming response, thank you for spending half a day already, just reading my post and I guess thanks in advance for the second half or your day, to reply- haha cheers.

    Finally its done- everyone happy- some :roll eyes: - im going to get a pint. and wait for the replies *cough*- *cough*.
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