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Thread: Disk IR wire loss

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    Default Disk IR wire loss

    Seagate claims a 2.8Amps startup current
    and if one has 5 drives powered by a single power cable
    that would be 11.2Amps going down one 16AWG 12v wire pair. we know there is a delta V on long drive cables or ones with high current, the question is how much? the flexible ultra X3 cables look like 20AWG too?? Plus there must be some kinda loss on each connector in these new modular power supplys..

    1) how long can a 20AWG cable be with a cheap plug and 12amps on it and still read 11.8v at the drive end?

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    The FlexForce cables are 18AWG.

    Also, I would assume that the RAID card that you would use with that enclosure supported staggered spin up (and the Addonics cards do.) The max load on a cold spin up only lasts about 1 or 2 seconds. So if you implement a staggered spin up with a 1 second delay between drives that would prevent more than 5A from getting pulled down the connector.

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