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Thread: PSU for hard drives?

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    Default PSU for hard drives?

    I'm planning / researching the idea of building a file server for use later. Basically, I'm doing it to put a use to my 23-bay server case that I have. My case can support two power supplies (already modded to have two), so I figure I'll have one PSU for the main computer parts and one hard drive, and then another PSU for the hard drives. If I max this sytem out, I'm looking at about 25 hard drives. Then there are the 12 - 15 fans in the system as well. All powered on one hard drive.

    Any recommendations for a PSU to handle the +12v only load? The PSU would have to handle crossload very well, as there likely wouldn't be anything on the other rails (unless I mod that, which I wouldn't mind doing at all), and stability is of course a major concern. I'm currently thinking of something in the area of dual Corsair 620s or dual Silverstone ST75F. Excess power I have no problem with, as I can't afford to be underpowered on a machine with 25 hard drives... Oh, and I might add, that non-modular PSUs will clutter up that side of the case quickly, so modular connections are a plus.

    Anyway, this is a work in progress over the likes of probably 2-3 years. Thansk for any help ya'll.

    EDIT: Oh, and the RAID controller (likely the Areca ARC-1130) will support staggered spinup. And it will probably be set to 4 or 5, as boot up time will not be an issue with this machine.
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    Hard drives draw off the 5V rail as well, so crossloading shouldn't be an issue. With that many drives i'd suggest a single 12V rail psu, so its less likely to shutdown with 25 drives spinning up at once without need to get staggered spinup working. Corsair 620w should do fine.

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