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ok iv been playing act of war high treason for 2 or 3 hours a day and no more crashes and other games too have no more crashes. the weird freezes and crashing of windows media player and bittorrent are gone. i noticed something, i think it might be a hacker or a virus of somekind but for some reason i would get these messages from zonealarm saying that setup_wm.exe is trying to connect just out of nowhere, and when i clicked accept it would always bring these weird freezes and crashes on wmp and bittorrent. so i went in to the programs control of zonealarm and and disallowed access for setup_wm.exe altogether and i never got those freezes, crashes, or bsods ever again. its weird. i read online somewhere that some people are reporting incompatibilities with zonealarm and bitdefender which is what i have. so im thinking of going with kaspersky and zonealarm and see how that works i hear thats an excellent combo. but the i dont know whether the crashes and freezes were due to the incompatibility or a hacker or virus trying to connect to my computer using setup_wm.exe. its really odd cause i have not encountered this before. So far the system is perfectly stable. I have not had a crash, freeze, or bsod yet. I also read that zonealarm has always been incompatible with most antiviruses except its own because zonelabs wants you to use theirs. whats a good alternative to zonealarm. I'm going to keep running my system and see if i get any more bsods or problems, and then ill check in to update my results.

Im not to sure about this anyone correct me if im wrong , but if it was your memory then this would come up all the times. If you where able to play for like 3 hours with no problems then i doubt its your memory. Get a new hard drive and dont install any antivirus or other programs and try and play your games and see if this happens again , also like some others sayd change your hard drive cables just to be sure.