One of my all time favorite games was Cosmic Chasm.

Trivia: There was only 300 of them made, and there were no conversion kits available. So it's pretty rare.

But there was one at the Circle K caddy corner from my Jr. High and I would play it every day.

I was particulary good at it because I had the home version of it on the Vectrex and the home version was actually HARDER because the walls were all jagged and the rooms all different shapes and sizes. For whatever reason, when they ported the game to the arcade, they made all of the rooms the same shape and size. DUH!!

The game helped me learn the Greek alphabet because each level was a Greek letter... Mission Alpha, Mission Beta, Mission Gamma.. Mission Zeta. I've made it all of the way to Omega. Know what happens next? You go back to Alpha. At that point, I got pissed off and walked away with three good ships in the queue.