The first REAL PC game I played which can actually be called a "game" in a fuller sense similar to today, setting the PC gaming mania race off, would probably be SimCity, yep. On a few platforms, Amiga, C64, Atari ST, Spectrum and IBM PC in '89.

Next, I only recall playing heavily what set the FPS going: Doom.

That created a rave in users I can still recall till this day.

I was going to Mac D, just parked car and walking out and one of my buddies came up behind us shouting and yelling looking shoocked..
"Man, have you seen Doom?"
I was like "what?"
He said "Oh man, you are missing it, lets go back to my place or Jenny's, they have Doom over there. Man you HAVE TO see it, did you hear me, you HAVE TO, its whoa, its crazy!"

So I was like "let us get some munch and we'll see. Can't be bothered with a game My hair's falling out from 12 hours shifts and Uni studies, I've got this and that jumping at me to do, some fe-male trouble running circles around me and you're there saying lets play a game!!?"

Anyway we went over and I liked it. I knew thats going to set some kinda new worldly trend off that'll become bigger than any religion as you could see it with the guys and their eyes were lit up with fascination and admiration, leaving their 10 year crush date waiting for days while squaring off with some local guy .. err playing .. Doom. Next minute you see, 10 years down the line to 2003 and wow, everythings onto a different level unimaginable before.

It REALLY is like a totally different world, you couldn't picture before at the slightest.