Hello guys. Fast request. I have crashing when pressing fast few times ESCAPE from game to main menu.
In some moment it will crash to desktop..I have 2080 TI waterforce and 9700k all stock.
When i run game in 1440P and from game pressing fast esc to menu and back and again and in some moment it will crash to desktop. Sometimes after 10 try or sometimes after 40 try.

I asked my friend with the same pc and he didnt have crashing in this way.
Did i have something fault in pc?
All pc is stock. I am on newest nvidia drivers.

Game is Control

Can somebody check this for me maybe? Just run game in 1440P and from game press fast ESC to main menu and again to game and again to menu and few times fast and check if crash.
Psu is Seasonic 750W ULTRA TITANIUM TX
ram 2x16GB DDR4 GSKILL XMP ( maybe xmp issue ? ) But during game never crash.

faulty module --->: CoherentGTJS.dll, wersja:, sygnatura czasowa: 0x5cf01383