Posting the same as i did on reddit here

I am mainly playing PUBG. getting anywhere from 144 to 6 FPS. but usually 40-50 fps. does not feel stable but that's what the counter says. i will add a detail at the end of the post that might be helpful.

my pc specs:

my PSU is the one thing that is making me a bit worried.

UserBenchmarks: Game 69%, Desk 74%, Work 39%

CPU: Intel Core i5-7400 - 68.9%

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 - 74.1%

SSD: Samsung MZ7LN256HMJP-000H1 256GB - 120.4%

HDD: WD Blue 1TB (2012) - 97.8%

RAM: Micron 8ATF1G64AZ-2G3B1 1x8GB - 43.7%

MBD: HP 870-250no

what iv'e tried:

- Updated all drivers :^)

- overclocker GPU.

-"underclocked" GPU

- turning down all settings in pubg.

- messed around with Nvidia controlpanel settings.

additional information:

my pc did not display anything on screen, power keyboard or mouse. the way i "fixed" this was by reseating all cables. draining PSU, then plug only the power cable in again and start wait 5 sec and then plug all cables in again. i came across this setting called fast start up which i disabled and it seems to be working fine now.

thanks in advace for any input on this